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(2012-01-08) What is going on at ERICADE?

It's been very quiet on this site for the last 3-4 months, but a lot have happened in the background. In late of October 2011 I decided to take a large portion of the services offline. This did not include any essential services such as the mail-system and the name lookup service (DNS).

During the fall of 2011, I rebuilt most of the services from scratch, which has taken a lot of time. During this time, the radio station has been offline and all news pages have been static.

The radiostation came back on the air on the 30th of December. As of now all services have been restored except for a few that have been retired.

The mail service has been kept update and is running the latest stable build of Kerio Connect.

I've changed the SSL-certificate for, which rendered a few cosmetic error messages until all services were properly changed.

The radio station is now running the new ShoutCast 2.xx streaming-software.

The role playing forums have been retired and will not come back.

A few minor issues still must be addressed, but as of now, we're back on track and back on the air. Enjoy!

Posted: 2012-01-08 by Erik Zalitis
Changed: 2012-01-08 by Erik Zalitis

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